The culmination of ten years of dogged filming and reporting, HOUSE TWO takes viewers deep inside the military justice system, uncovering the shocking truth about the longest, most expensive criminal investigation in Marine Corps history: The Haditha Massacre. Epstein was granted unprecedented access to film the defense of Frank Wuterich, the Marine Staff Sergeant at the heart of the Haditha investigation. Epstein furtively filmed hundreds of hours footage: private moments with Wuterich and his family, privileged conversations with his lawyers, even a site visit with the accused to the crime scene in Haditha.

Epstein was also able to convince the two NCIS special agents at the heart of the forensic investigation to both turn whistle-blower for his camera. Woven together, HOUSE TWO makes the explosive argument that, with the knowledge and consent of then Lieutenant-General James Mattis, the current Secretary of Defense, either through gross incompetence or intent, the United States Marine Corps, scapegoated Frank Wuterich for murders he did not commit, let the true killers in Haditha go free, and brushed the truth about a brutal massacre under the rug.

HOUSE TWO was directed by Michael Epstein and produced by Epstein and Tony Wood. Executive producers are Stanley Buchthal, Adam Pincus, Michael Bloom and Josh Braun. The film was edited by Ed Barteski, Jr. and R.A. Fedde with music by Joel Goodman.

Michael Epstein is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker (The Battle Over Citizen Kane, directed with Thomas Lennon) whose work has been awarded two George Foster Peabody Awards, two Primetime Emmys, a Writers Guild Award, a Clio, as well as numerous other distinctions. His films have screened in dozens of international film festivals and been broadcast internationally. Epstein is also a successful commercial and digital media director and teaches documentary journalism at the School of Visual Arts MFA program in documentary film.

HOUSE TWO premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2018. 

“While I have seen films I really liked Michael Epstein‘s HOUSE TWO was the first great film I saw at Tribeca 2018… I can’t recommend this film enough… One of the very best films at Tribeca 2018 and of the year as well.” (Steve Kopian, UNSEEN FILMS)

“An incredible feat of fusing investigative reportage with the visceral mechanics of a mystery thriller, offering information at a dizzying and prodigious clip and painting a portrait of lucidity as a high and endangered form of humanity." (SLANT, Chuck Bowen)

“Compulsively watchable — a nonfiction whodunit..." (NEW YORK TIMES, Ben Kenigsberg)

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